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Thank you for the opportunity to help you with creating a web presence. I hope that you will find the following recommendations and cost breakdowns helpful in planning your project and prioritize them to your needs.

First, I would like to point out that in creating a new site, you will lose all rankings you currently hold in any and all keywords. This is quite normal as search engines go about indexing your new site. This is why we want to create sites from the ground up with SEO baked in. This SEO-first approach will help you to regain your rankings as well as organically acquire new KW rankings for your locale.  On average, Google will take six to nine months to index and rank a new site.

Project Requirements

Web & eCommerce Platform: WordPress + WooCommerce

For eCommerce on WordPress, I recommend WooCommerce because it’s free and there are third party components that can be added as needed for your purposes.

Automation: Zapier

Automations and autoresponders are recommended for visitor feedback when they make a purchase or leave an inquiry on the site. Zapier is recommended as the automation platform because it had the most integrations and a huge user base (which helps with Support when official Support is not available)

Autoresponder & E-Mail Marketing: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has most if not all of the features you will need in both an autoresponder as well as a client management system with conditional arguments for handling client actions & events, i.e. “if this, then that”.

Tracking & Marketing Tools: Traffic Pixel & FB Pixel

As for Marketing, I recommend placing a Traffic Pixel on the site in addition to a FB Pixel. Banner ads can be run leveraging the Traffic Pixel, and FB ads can be run leveraging the FB pixel.  As for PPC ads, KW research will aid in that.

Cost Breakdown

Web Development: $ 5,000


Optional Plugins: $ 55 / month

Tools: $ 27 / month

Hosting: Recommended Hosts

I would only recommend Hostinger if cost is a priority.  It is an affordable host but does glitch out every once in a while and is down more often than Siteground or WPX.


Timeline Breakdown

Source files as well as initial site backup will be packaged and uploaded to the backup location within 3 days of project sign-off.

Closing Remarks

Optional plugins are nice to have, but they are not necessary for a successful SEO website.

ActiveCampaign fees go up as you acquire more subscribers.

I hope this covers everything you need to start.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at