Hi Erin & Sarit,

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to help you raise your SEO game. A little background on me (SEO-wise).

I’ve been in the IT industry for well over 30 year, with 12 years as a programmer (mostly low level languages for systems development) and over 25 years in web-based technology. I’ve worked in SEO specifically for a little more than 5 years in various niches.

SEO-wise, my projects have included web development + SEO integration for web projects and funnels. Industry-wise, I’ve been in the alternative health niche, fitness niche (fitness challenge), medical devices industry, sports industry, and some I can’t mention.

My methodology for SEO is a grounds-up approach. I prefer to work with fresh unspoiled sites. This makes for a very clean, very stable, and very coherent SEO foundation that gives you a much higher chance in ranking and sticking that ranking even if there are no SEO work done after the initial build.  I usually don’t work with established sites that do not have some type of SEO structure in place, because at that point you’re just putting bandaids on a gushing wound.

I usually advise that clients rebuild their site if they did not build the pre-existing one with SEO in mind. This cuts down on hours of work, which cuts down on their cost.

For your project, specifically, I understand that you already have a web developer and that I will be working with her.  I also understand that she will be building out a new site for you.  With this in mind, I will clarify what I think are our roles and responsibilities to make this site a cohesive project:

HER (Web build):

  • Site planning
  • Domain Setup (SSL, Emails)
  • WP setup & install (theme, template)
  • Site standards (color scheme, font, layout)
  • Content


      Initial SEO

    • Keyword research & planning (niche, competition)
    • On-Page SEO (strategy & structure)
    • Initial Citations
    • Initial Backlinks

My timeline for this is usually 3 weeks if I was the one doing the basic site template, but since I’m working with another web developer, I cannot guarantee delivery time. Timeline is then dependent on your web developer’s pace.

The fee for this is $2,000, not recurring.

Additionally & optionally, depending on how long you want to continue working with me, I can offer continued support on a monthly basis if you need and it would be in the form of:

     On-Going SEO

    • Continued optimization of new content as they arise
    • Continued on-site optimization (new content strategy)
    • Off-site strategies and tactics

The fee for this is $2,000 monthly recurring.  This will require a new contract and invoice that is not covered here.

I recommend a minimum of 3 months commitment to SEO services.  It can take up to 6 months or more to rank on page one of Google search.

Also, depending on how competitive your niche is, you may want to commit to SEO services on a long-term basis.  Again, totally optional and up to you.


I hope that covers most questions that you may have and then some. If there are any questions, concerns, or thoughts that you want to pass my way, feel free to email me or msg me in FB Messenger.

You’ve heard the saying “Money loves speed”, so I like to move fast in the SEO game. 

SEO needs to be in play as soon as possible (or as soon as the WP is installed).  It would be great if your web developer can keep pace with me so that your site can go live in no time. 

I am not in the habit of chasing after my clients to do my part.  It is your responsibility to get your people to be responsive and work with me in order to achieve your goals.

If you find this is acceptable and would like to move forward working with  me, click on the link and it will take you to the Statement of Work and Contract (and Payment link).

This proposal expires Oct. 7, 2022 at 11:59pm U.S. Eastern time zone, after which time I may change the terms (should you wish to re-visit this project with me).  This is so that I can focus on other projects.

At any time, you can contact me via email or FB Messenger.